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- Q&A with PRDG

Bulgarian producer PRDG just released his latest track, "Naked Mind," on our record label, Murray Records. In our very first Architects of Sound question and answer sessions, we delve into PRDG's creative process, the inspiration behind "Naked Mind," and what fans can expect next.


“I’m really happy to be part of your family! I’ve been doing music as a hobby since I was a little kid, although a completely different type – I used to play guitar and drums in metal bands. Started with electronic music production and DJing in a duo named ‘Him&Her’ in London only last year and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I even decided to take a gap year between my studies so I can focus on music fully. Fast forward one year later, I’m stoked I’m able to sign my music and play in front of crowds so people can resonate with my work and the emotions I try to convey through my music.”

“Absolutely, the track is inspired by one of my favourite artists – Alan Fitzpatrick and his track “We Do What We Want”. My track has a more melodic touch to it, inspired by artists like RÜFÜS DU SOL, CamelPhat, as well as my first release “The Move”. In terms of experiences, I started writing Naked Mind on a Spanish island which I visited with my partner, where we were emotionally drawn to the sea and overall vibe of the people – a feeling of freedom, happiness, and being carefree. I feel like Naked Mind conveys those feelings, but also a feeling of melancholy – of old happy times that will never come back but we cherish deep within our memories.”

“My creative process is something that is quite hard to explain, because really there is no specific approach I take. Because I’m quite creative in terms of the initial ideas that come to my mind and the different instruments and how they blend together, the approach I almost always take is one of spontaneity – I just let me brain roam free and soon enough I start generating ideas. Because of this, in many cases my tracks end up being stylistically different from each other, but that approach really makes me explore the many different ways my creative side works. Before I even know it I have written down a solid idea or melody which allows me to move to the necessary things which go with every production, such as what percussions to use for the melody I have etc. Other times an idea comes to my mind in very unusual situations – there have even been cases I have dreamt of a melody and have woken up, which would allow me to write it down. The initial idea for my synth came from Alan Fitzpatrick’s track mentioned above. I saw this melody as something that is potentially very emotional and melodic with the proper instrumentation, so I went ahead and created the other elevating synth heard more in the second part of the track and in the buildup, and from there I created the bass which would give it that deepness.”

“My personal favourite part of the track is the buildup before the second drop. It’s full of beautiful melodies and the arpeggiation of the plucky synth plays well with the melody of the other synth.”

“I feel like the vibe of the song is perfect for a venue at the beach, at sunset, where people would cherish the beauty of the moment by listening to the emotional melodies in the track.”

“Absolutely – among them are my favourite panning and delay plugins PanMan and PrimalTap by Soundtoys. StutterEdit by iZotope also played an essential role in the processing of the vocals and effects.”

“I’m collaborating with Vitamina who is the other side of Him&Her in 3 tracks inspired by the folklore music of our home country – Bulgaria. We recorded a vocalist and bagpipes and are releasing the tracks over summer 2024, so I’m most excited about this. It has always been a dream of mine to synthesise our own culture within electronic music and we hope our listeners will resonate with our releases which are very diverse in sound – one of them is a Deep House track, the other – Melodic Techno, and the third – Techno.”

“As a fairly new artist to the music scene, one of the things that used to scare me in the beginning was releasing my first track. I kept wondering whether it is good enough, or whether that specific track should be my first. The reality is, an aspiring producer needs to start doing it without hesitation, even if the track is not potentially their best piece. Each track is a great learning experience, and that is its value, plus – you never know – the track you don’t fancy that much might be received well by the public, as was the case with my first track “The Move”. There is a quote – “You miss every shot you don’t take”. Not only, but increasing your input also helps a producer understand the process of releasing and marketing their music better.”

“The track is written with Serum, and while I’m most knowledgable in Serum, I would say this is my favourite plugin. However, among my other favourites are the Native Instruments plugins like Kontakt 7, which are amazing for realistic instrumentation. One of the genres that sparked my interest in music production was Melodic Techno, and there is an artist who has inspired me into trying to make my melodies emotional, as if they are telling a story, and that artist is Anyma, so my dream collaboration would be with him.”

“Keep listening to the great music Murray Records is releasing, and I hope you enjoy my track too! Thank you for taking the time to read about my track!”