New Zealand’s Elle Jae Elevates Fairytales’ ‘Who Am I’ To The Next Level


In a captivating transformation, Elle Jae, the brilliant producer hailing from New Zealand, has reinvigorated Fairytales’ hit track ‘Who Am I’ with her spellbinding remix. Released under Murray Records, this enchanting rendition is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Fusing her distinctive style with the original’s ethereal essence, Elle Jae has ventured into delivering a melodic techno masterpiece that will leave listeners awestruck. Her productions are a mesmerizing blend of haunting piano melodies, ambient nuances, brassy elements, and moody basslines, taking audiences on a melodic journey from the very first note to the last.

Elle Jae’s musical prowess has garnered her recognition and releases across several esteemed record labels, including Krafted, Freegrant Music, Enormous Tunes, Chrom Recordings, and Polyptych. Her unique sound resonates with those who crave a musical journey deeply rooted in storytelling and emotion.

‘Who Am I’ in the hands of Elle Jae is a testament to her formidable talent, a must-listen for fans of melodic techno and a proven point to her status as a powerhouse female artist in the electronic music realm.

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