Rob Jackson Transforms ‘Who Am I’ into Progressive House Magic


South African artist Rob Jackson, aged 33, has unveiled his spellbinding remix of ‘Who Am I’.


Released on all major digital platforms, Jackson’s rendition on Murray Records is a melodic odyssey through the sonic mountains of progressive house. This marks the sixth incarnation of ‘Who Am I’, an anthem known for its ethereal qualities. Jackson’s remix adds a captivating layer to its storied history.


Rob Jackson is no stranger to our record label. Earlier this year, on May 23, he dropped ‘Holding On’, another progressive house gem, further solidifying his status in the genre.


Hailing from the heart of Pretoria, Jackson’s remarkable journey in the music industry has landed him under the umbrella of the prestigious Flipside Management Agency. His commitment to cultivating a unique sound in the flourishing South African and international house scene positions him as an artist to watch. His recent release is a testament to the creative depths he is capable of exploring.


Music enthusiasts can find this remix of ‘Who Am I’ on their preferred streaming platforms to embark on a melodic adventure with Rob Jackson.

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